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Priorities for Funding:

1. Basic Life Necessities*
    a. Food and shelter
    b. Must be life impacting
    c. Must be necessity not     luxury

2. Safety Related*

*Your request must also be for the benefit of the following:
    a. Otsego residents
    b. Youth
    c. Seniors

Prohibited Uses:
No funding may be used for administrative or operational expenses of an organization. 

Matching Funds:
Matching funds are not required; however, applications with matching funds will be 
weighted more heavily in the review process. An individual or organization may 
volunteer at a Club event in exchange for the match. 

Currently we will not be funding scholarship requests.

Applications Due

​September 19

December 15

March 21

June 20 

You will be contacted by us with your status within four weeks of your application deadline.